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Friday, December 16, 2011

Allen West's Insanity To Hard To Follow

In a different dimension where this blog was the top source of Florida political news that I once dreamed it would be, I wouldn't be following so many other blogs when spotting the latest Allen West gaffe. It earned him the title America's Dumbest Congressman from Daily Kos today, and Washington Monthly has already pointed out West is stark raving mad.

Let me weigh in anyway. Comparing the Democratic messaging machine to Joseph Goebbels is both laughable (the Democrat's have no talent at messaging) and a bit offensive to come from the lips of a man representing a largely Jewish population.

But I actually think there is something more significant here, and it reaches well beyond West. It is this constant idea among conservatives that they are accountable to no one and when someone tries to hold them accountable, it is a sign of some anti-democratic and wicked conspiracy. At a different time, the media might have called bullshit on this, but not today. Ironically, the reason noone will call them out is because they don't want to appear biased to conservatives, who believe everyone in the world who does not share their worldview is biased anyway.

Makes you wonder what 'bias' even means to these people when they believe Allen West is a respectable public servant.

Sigh. More later, I am sure.